Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Application Outsourcing

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This post is written by Eng.Ahmed Yossef  who is graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, in the Communications and Electronics Dept., he has worked as a freelancer Java developer before graduation. He is working as a software engineer at PiTechnologies, specialized in Mobile applications development for iOS and Android OSs. Ahmed is also interested in security and reverse engineering fields."

What is mobile applications and why is it so trending now?

Mobile applications is a hot topic nowadays. Aiming to find a figure about how much mobile applications is important, think about how desktop and web applications are important then think about one thing have the summation their global care, the very important thing appeared is mobile applications.
Smart phones illuminated gaps between mobile phones and desktop computers, which increased users’ expectations. Thinking about every single desktop and web application to have a mobile alternative/front end, taking into consideration that mobile is more accessible than computer for sure, that makes mobile users more hungry for any new mobile applications which make them free of using computers.
Mobile applications nowadays are used to extend the usage of a mobile phone to become secretary, instructor and friend.

Egypt freelancers opportunity in this career?

Mobile applications gives a great opportunity for Egyptian developers, we have two perspectives while talking about this issue. Two perspectives are mobile applications freelancing vacancies and freelancing for Egyptian developers.
Regarding the mobile freelancing opportunity, it exists and increases as mobile applications development fits freelancing as it is “light technology”, i.e. mobile applications fits for freelancing work as it is -in general- compact, well defined and quick tasks.
The other perspective is freelancing opportunity for Egyptian developers. Bringing to mind the fact about the Indian ITO contribution, and how did the Indian developers reserve a large market share for their country, we should also think about our advantages that makes Egyptian developers able to win the game. 

Main reasons are:
Time zone: Egypt is only GMT+2:00, however India is GMT+5:30
Code quality: ITO Egyptian workers concerns about quality and coding standards more than individual Indian developers, in general.

How much is expected if working in mobile apps?

Mobile applications development careers makes you able to be hired as one of the follows:
As an employee in a mobile applications development company, hence you will get paid around 2500LE per month
As a freelancer, hence you will get paid 10-20 $ per hour
Finally you can create your own app and upload it to the mobile apps store, hence you might get paid 1,000$ DAILY !

What are some of the reputable freelancing websites to start working from home?

There are a large number of freelancing websites out there, for example:


What do you need to learn in order to start your career in mobile apps from beginning?

Starting career in mobile apps needs to have a good programming background. Mobile applications development also needs creative thinking and good user experience sense. It is highly recommended for mobile applications developer to have good technical background in other related fields like networking, web services and databases.

I am A beginner, What courses should I take before working as mobile application freelancer?

Introductory courses for mobile applications development:

-C/C ++ [Programming Basics]

- OOP 

- Java [Mandatory for Android and BlackBerry only, optional 


- Network fundamentals [Optional]

- Database fundamentals [Optional]

About PiTechnologies: it is a startup company was created to increase the ITO industry contribution to the Egyptian economy and aiming to rise the Egyptian global ranking in this industry. PiTechnologies works in the ITO field in parallel with technical training in the ITO related fields in order to build a capacity of young professional IT staff capable of working in the ITO field.

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