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Finding good and reputable sites for work is a dream for lots of people. some of you must have searched for sites for work but their search ended up finding only scam attempts and people trying to trick you to rip off your pockets by fake promises to make huge amounts of money without actually working hard for it.

Here is the truth

NO one can earn money without working HARD for it. people are no fool to give you $1000 just for viewing an ad or for data entry.

Knowing that will help you search for sites for work that are real and pay  what you actually deserve.

I will try in this post to mention some of the websites that I already dealt with so that I am sure they are no scam.

If you were wondering what is is???

Freelancer is one of the most high ranked freelancing websites in Alexa database. It is actually in the top 500 sites all over the world and the FIRST of top 10 Freelancing websites.

What are the best qualities of

In the last 24 hours from now "May, 17" only, 2,426  job posts were added to and 3,727 verified users used the website.

Contests are held in different field with the opportunity to win up to $25,000 prize.

Freemarket where you can buy and sell items and services.

Referral bonus when you invite your friends to and sign up for jobs.

Strong support team to help you and save your rights as a freelancer if any dispute happened between you and your employer.

Signing up to Freelancer email list will get you lots of job suggestions so that you can find great jobs sent to you by mail


Now, What are The expected problems if you were using

Since we said what is good about Freelancer as one of the sites for work you can outsource your jobs with, we should also say what is not so good about the website so that you can judge accurately.

First and most important, payment options are not very flexible for some people. I mean that There is no "Direct wire money transfer" to you bank account. 

Also, PayPal and MoneyBookers are not supported in some countries. So, make sure that you check the payment option via to make sure that they are valid for you before bidding for jobs.

Another thing that is not considered a problem as annoying; job posts are added without any description beside it. you have to open the link to find whether this job is appropriate for you or not. This process used to waste some of my time and I didn't really like it.

Finally, Huge competition which is perfectly normal and also considered advantageous as it shows the high credibility of this site.

ODesk is definitely the best site for work I found online. It is easy, quick, and great resource for online jobs. ODesk is also one of the best 500 websites in the world and the second best freelancing website according to Alexa rank.

Now we will discuss the good and bad qualities of

Why Should You Work For ODesk??

Hundreds or even thousands of online jobs are posted everyday

Hourly jobs that pay freelancers per hour and insure their rights of payment in case of any dispute between freelancers and employers.

Mini job description below every job post to give a preview about the job and that feature can really help you to decide your level of interest in jobs.

Reputable partners like ServeyMonkey, Payoneer, BigCommerce, and OutRight.


And Again, What are The Expected Problems With ODesk??

All ODesk difficulties are pretty normal and they don't cause huge problems. However, we will discuss some points of weakness with ODesk.

Fixed Jobs which are online jobs where employees pay you per the whole project unlike hourly jobs discussed earlier. These fixed jobs is not guaranteed by ODesk. However, choosing the right employer can help you get great jobs and secure seriousness of payment. 

You might take long time to prepare your profile to look good. Check my post about creating your ODesk profile

Again, competition my make it harder for you to get your first job but being persistent, patient, and offering high quality service will get you to lots of job opportunities with time.

Now, it is your decision to make..... Freelancer and ODesk are both great sites for work online and they can be a great starter for all freelancers looking to gain extra money by working from home.

Please do share, tweet, and comment with your experience in freelancing with these sites or other freelancer sites you worked for.


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