Know More About Freelancing in Mobile Apps Field + Two Free Presentations

Friday, May 25, 2012 0 comments

Heard of mobile apps, Android market, or IOS apps and want to know more about them? Do you find lots of employers on ODesk looking for developers to create mobile apps for them? Do you small a good opportunity to work as a freelancer in the mobile app market?

Good news for all freelancers, This week we will have a guest post from our dear Pitechnologies member, Eng. Ahmed Youssef who is a very talented developer and presenter as well.

He will add to our lovely blog a very interesting article about "mobile applications" since this is one of the most trending careers all over the world. With the right information you can start your own freelancing business from home and its pay is really good if you are keen to know.

If you were wondering how to make mobile apps and why so many employers are asking for apps for their business and if you were also wondering how to start your own mobile apps career, just wait for the next post and Eng. Ahmed will answer all these questions you have.

I also recommend that you have a look at this interestingly easy and clear presentation about "Freelancing" created by Eng. Ahmed. You can find clear guide about what is freelancing, how freelancing works, and why sites are important to connect employers and contractors. Just go to this Freelancing presentation for free.

Another presentation of Eng. Ahmed is free for all of you called "Mac story" in which you will find a simple tutorial about installing Mac on non- Apple machine.

I hope you enjoy the presentations and wait for our next guest post. If you have any questions regarding mobile apps, just leave a comment and I will make sure that Eng. Ahmed answers your questions.

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