Work From Home With Kids, Is That a Myth??

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I am about to celebrate my first 1000 views in less than one month since I have started my dear blog. I get great responses from people in many different ways.

Those who know me personally ask whether it is possible to work as a freelancer while having a kid " I do have one terrific 14 months son".

I simply answer YES

YES it is very hard to do and YES it can be done. I have actually started my freelancing career right after giving birth to my son. I stopped working for sometime and I felt so bored and needed to do something more in my life and that's how I started searching for online jobs.

Anyways, my son is now in a very sensitive period where he needs every possible attention. I am sure that lots of parents all over the world are wondering what should be done to succeed in both their parenting and freelancing jobs.

In this article I will share some relevant solutions from my point if view to do the work without neglecting your kids.

First of all, if your kids are old enough to go to school, you will have the school time work.
During summer, enroll them in different activities to keep them busy doing something beneficial while freeing time for your career.

Another option if you still have toddlers is to consider hiring a nanny or sending them to the nursery for the few hours needed to accomplish you tasks. Before going with that option, think whether the return of your services "worth" it or not. it is not just right to spend on your job from your own money.

Search for other freelancers near from you to take care of your child for some time and you can do the same for them. You can apply the same thing with one of your friends to come and look for your kids and you will also watch their kids.

Finally, my ultimate solution till now. it is easy, simple, and free. Wait until your baby sleeps or takes his or her nap during the day to complete your work.

I just have four hours every day in approximate. I take 2 for the home chores and the other two are for my freelancing career and my blog writing.

I should notify that if you choose this, you will have to keep your freelancing services limited by the time available to you and you won't be able to work as full time freelancers. I mean that it can be hard for you to make a living only from it.

However, freelancing is a fascinating idea in my opinion. the idea of being at home working and making use and money from the "little" free time I have is just very attractive to me.

Finally, the decision is still in your hands. see what will work the best for you, your kids, and your family and stick to it.

It is your time now to share any helpful ideas or tips regarding success of freelancing with the presence of our beloved kids.

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