Why Are You Freelancing?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 0 comments
Yaaaay, Our blog officially hit more than one thousand views in less than one month. I know this is very low traffic for some blogs. However, this s our first month and I am proud of it. This next months we will double the readers and then beneficiaries from reading our articles.

I was actually looking for something new to write about for two days but I really feel so lazy. Unfortunately, I don't afford that luxury and most people don't as well especially freelancers. We all have to be self motivated in order to make our career better and to get the grabs of our lives.

That's why I decided to motivate my self by talking to me through this blog post and you are invited to join as well. Why should I work today? Why I have to shake this laziness and start minding my own business??

Most important, Why Should I Work as a Freelancer in the first place and Why Should You??

Honestly, I do it for the sake of money and self accomplishment. 

Money is mostly the only reason why freelancers work. With freelancing, you can enjoy more time with your family and kids, schedule time according to your preferences, and feel more powerful.

Yet, money is the very end goal out this whole freelancing story and why on earth people don't like to mention that fact. Say it out loud to set your goal, I work for money, I want to have it to make my life better, I need money to secure my little baby's life. Don't be afraid to say to yourself: come on, stop it and start working to make a decent living for your family.

Once you admit that fact to your self, things can get a lot easier. stating your goals will make you stand up and complete these unfinished tasks.

We all know that the economy is having a really bad phase and we all need to fight hard to get and keep our jobs whether if you were working as a freelancer from home or you work in your office.

That is enough motivation for me, I will get out of here to finish my work.


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