Needed Steps To Start Working

Saturday, April 28, 2012 2 comments
Now that you have signed up with Odesk and created your profile, you still need to complete extra steps to sell your self. when you finish your basic profie information, Odesk will convert you to this page.

1- Complete Your Profile

when you click on that link, an extended profile page will apear and it will contain all information about your skills, education, language level, work experience, and any other thing you wish to add.

2- Take a Free Test To Show off Your Skills

This link will open a page where you can take free tests. For example if I wish to work as an English language teacher, Taking English language tests and achieving high scores in them will help me attract employers escpecially if I was a beginner.

3- Take The Odesk Readiness test

essential part to eready for woring wih Odesk. I founf lots of answers online like this one.

Now, You are perfectly ready for working with ODesk. my next post will be about how to find jobs with  Odesk and how to apply for them successfully.


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