The Power Of Keyword Research Tool For Freelancers

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Today we will discuss Keyword research from the freelance writer point of view. Why keywords are so important when you are writing articles online or when you have a blog

First of all, This post is dedicated to "Om Salma": a loyal reader who is being very supportive from the beginning of our blog. This post is made just to answer her questions about keywords.

Let's start, What is Search Keywords?

Simply, search keywords are the words use when we want to search for any item, service, product, information, or even people online. For Example: when you want to know more about "Online jobs", you will go to Google or any search engine you like to use and type the word in the search box and then you will choose from the result page you get.

Search pages will only show websites which include the keyword you searched for in it, that is "online jobs" in our example. 

Now, Who Should use Keyword Research??

Basically anyone likes to perform online research will use keyword research. However, it is highly important for certain people to perform this search:

  • Freelance Writers: If you earn money writing articles, you should include keywords in your article in order to get people to see the articles you write. When working with a client, he or she will mostly give you certain keywords to be added to the article you write.

  • Bloggers and Website Owners: Whether you own your own website or blog to earn extra money or for informative reasons, you will want to add keywords in your pages in order to be recognized by search engines and to have your website or blog displayed in search pages.

  • SEO: People who work in Search Engine Optimization know the best the importance of keywords in any website they are handling. You can Check this helpful article about the importance of Keyword research in SEO

So, How To Perform Keyword Research?

There are many tools online to help you spot helpful keywords to use in your pages. May be the best and the the best tool is Google keyword tool. It is free, powered by Google search, And easy to use. 

Let's discuss how to use Google Keyword tool, look at the picture:

research keywords

  • Target Keywords: 

This is where you should type any word you are thinking about adding to your article or your webpage. In this picture we have "SEO Keyword research".

  • Keyword Search results:
When you are done writing your keyword, hit the search button and you will get information about it. The important information you should consider are competition and global monthly search. we will discuss them later in the post.

  • More Keyword Ideas:
Google will lend you a helping hand by suggesting extra related keywords that you can use. Consider using these words also if they were easy and relevant to your search.

Now that you know how to use Google keyword tool, How to Choose Keywords?

The two important factors that I use when choosing keywords for my posts are:

  • Competition: Selecting keywords with "low" and "medium" competition is a better option because it means that there are less people who use these keywords than "High Competition".

  • Global Monthly Research: This factor indicates how many people are searching for that keyword in the whole world. The more global monthly research, the better because it shows that lots of people are interested in this particular keyword.

The best Keyword To choose is one with "low competition" and "high monthly researches".

Your Turn:

It is your turn to search for the word "Happy Hour" and tell me whether it is a good option to use or not following guidelines in our post.

Hopefully, now you have a basic idea about keyword research and how to do it.

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