Call For All Egyptian Entrepreneurs... Opportunity To Win $50,000

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Being an entrepreneur is hard for lots of people. Ideas are many while funding is rare. Not having the enough money to turn your own ideas into reality kills lots of great projects in their beginning.

Living in Egypt is great but the truth is that we don't have as many funding initiatives as other countries like the US for example which make it almost impossible for entrepreneurs to start their own startups.

If you were Egyptian entrepreneur looking for money to start your own business, the opportunity is knocking your door.

The American university in Egypt is holding a new competition among Egyptian entrepreneurs in almost every field available with a chance to win up to $50,000 prize.

The name of this initiate is "Fekrety"

Conditions to Join Fekrety??

Egyptian Entrepreneurs ONLY

Age between 18 and 30 years old

Do NOT own a business for your idea

Can Teams Join Fekrety??

Absolutely yes. However, team members shouldn't exceed 4 members. Individuals are most welcome as well.

When Is The Deadline To Submit My Idea?

Saturday, May 26th, 2012... It is only after TWO DAYS, so hurry up.

Are They Going To Give workshops and training for candidates??

Yes, all candidates are eligible to two weeks of mentoring, helping, as well as training workshops.

Is My Idea Protected??

All intellectual rights are preserved for candidates. Don't worry, your idea is safe.

How To Apply?

If  you need to know more about Fekrety, visit About Fekrety page

And if you want to submit your application, go to ebda3 page and sign up for Fekrety.

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