Three tips on How to choose your employer

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We discussed earlier that ODesk have LIMITED job applications. If you are new to ODesk, the number of jobs you can apply to can be as low as 5 jobs at once.

This means that you have to be CAREFUL when will you apply.

Finding a good employer is important not only for your job quota but also for your own safety. working with a reputable employer will be a safer option for you.

Hourly Jobs

ODesk has the "Hourly jobs" where you will be paid per hour and in this type, ODesk will guarantee that you are paid your money when it is due.

Fixed Jobs

Not all jobs on Odesk are hourly. If you waited to get an hourly job, you might take long time unemployed. So, I will give you my own way of finding good jobs on Odesk without fearing from fraud attempts.

Here are 3 tips of choosing employers

yes, YOU should choose your employer as well. In order to avoid scam or getting stuck with unprofessional people, you must be careful of where you will apply for jobs.

look at this job post for example

1- if you moved your mouse to number one, a pop up box will show you how much money this employer paid to ODesk. it will also show if payment method is verified or not.
as a RULE OF THUMB, the greener the bar, the best the employer.

2- These stars indicate the feedback rate given to the employer. you should know this; an employer with 5 stars is clearly better than one with one star only.
The higher the feedback indicates that the employer is professional, clear, and easy to deal with.

3-Look also at your employer profile

when you got to the job page, you will find a quick preview of the employer's profile at the right of the page like this one

Someone who:

  • Verified his payment
  • Received 4.9 stars feedback
  • Spent over $20,000 and billed 1,842
  • posted 45 jobs and hired 21 
This is my kind of employer, he or she seems great person to deal with

It is time for a QUIZ

look at this job post and tell me should you or should you not work with that person

Waiting for your answers and comments. 


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