In celebration of 300 Views in just 3 days... I Am About To Tell My Writing Online Experience

Monday, May 7, 2012 0 comments
VERY Happy that my blog has been viewed by 300 People till now " you are increasing the number"..
That's why I am going to celebrate this big event by telling my Experience in working online with ODesk

First of all, I need to say "This Was Not Easy"

The whole story started with me having very long free time that I wanted to use in something beneficial while earning some money.

I started searching online and I found MILLIONS of opportunities promising thousands of dollars each month. I actually signed up for some of them and all I got hundreds of SPAM mails from these websites.

I guess you can get that if you were also searching about "How To Make Money at Home".

After months of searching I Heard about "Freelancing Websites". So, I started the search again and this Time I found ODesk. I was fascinated by the idea of working from home and I quickly signed up for an account.

I also chose to work in data entry being the easiest job I can handle.

I passed the test, filled the profile, Applied for jobs, and waited for employees to accept me.

I actually waited for so LONG time

there were thousands of people waiting to fill data entry jobs and they were willing to accept silly amounts of money. 
Then I thought about changing the category to translation as I know Arabic and again, there were no enough jobs to get.

Finally, Writing Articles Online seemed to be the best to start with

If you had a look at ODesk trending jobs, You will find that writing articles online is one of the best jobs to perform for several reasons:

  • Most business have websites that they need to fill with content
  • Business owners might not have the skill or time to write articles
  • Bloggers who are writing for money and want to keep their blogs updated everyday
  • Just casual websites who want to keep their pages fresh and in "# 1 Google rank"

All These reasons are even more are waiting for good writers and I thought I can Do it but I needed to have good experience writing articles online to provide samples for my potential employees.

Here you can find good resources to master writing skills:

How to be a writer

Don't Know What to Write Articles About? Easy Ways To Get Updated Content

Using these skills, I created good number of articles and I started to post their links when applying for any job via ODesk. Since that I started getting my first employer and I started a successful career writing articles online and getting paid for them.

Please feel free to share, ask, and comment. Your views are keeping this blog Alive.


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