Blogging for Money.. How Can It be Done Exactly?

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I know this Blog is initially made about ODesk and working from home. However, I ran to a nothor great opportunity for people who would love to earn money from a different mean.

Blogging has become a market on its own and lots of people are already making a living from it.

Don't get me wrong, you need lots of time and effort to do it

So, Why people choose blogs to make money online?

  • Blogs are FREE. You don't have to pay anything for making a blog but having Google account and sign up with their Blogger.

  • Blogs are very easy to make. There is no need to hire a professional or have technology super powers to start your own blog.

  • Blogs are like your diaries, you can make them private or public.

  • Blogs can be a good start with your writing career.

  • Finally, Blogs can be another way to make you money.

And How Exactly can you earn money online blogging?

  • Affiliate Marketing: That is a method where you get paid for selling other people's products on your blog. you will only need to register with affiliate marketing programs like CJ and Amazon Associates.

  • Advertising: It can be a challenge to convince people to advertise on your blog especially if it was new.

  • Blogging for People: If you managed to be creative enough when blogging, people can ask you to create and manage blog post for them. Obviously, this is going to be for money. ODesk does have lots of employers looking for talented writers to hire.

Ready to Start... Check these Resources

If you think you can work and make money from blogging but still want to know more, read these articles to help you start

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Need Some More

Read good books written by reputable authors like:

You can buy your own Kindle from here as low as $79


I can still recommend another great article about blogging that is wrote by Neilpatel in SEOMOZ blog

You can find lots of great and practical tips to start blogging to the bank.

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