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Getting traffic to your website maybe the main concern for lots of bloggers and website owners especially if they are still in the beginning. Traffic is very important because it is surly a sign of your website or blog success.

Also, entrepreneurs and business blog owners need to attract good amount of traffic per month to rank high on search engines and to increase their probability of making more sales leading to more money for their business.

Since I am very interested in that subject, I was searching for "free traffic" tools to blog about and I found this great website that helps millions of bloggers and website owners promote their blogs by attracting FREE traffic to them.

Trafficswarm is established based on a very simple idea which is posting free and paid advertisements for blogs and websites that are clicked by members who do it for more credits. This way you get your free traffic and the members get their credits which allow their more tools and option over trafficswarm.

With Trafficswarm, you can create your free blog or website Ad which is your ticket to huge traffic. 

In this post we will discuss how to attract free traffic exactly to your blog or website for free. first of all, go to trafficswarm to create your free account.

blog traffic

When you complete the sign up process, you can access your account page which is supposed to look like this

Now, you can create Ads for your blog or website by pressing "Create New Ad". In this point you will have different options to choose from and the whole ad creation time won't exceed 3 minutes.

Note: If you wish to continue using trafficswarm as a free user, you have the right to create up to 10 advertisements for your blog or website. However, you can actually make one ad only until you "ACTIVATE" your account which can be done by earning "50 credits".

So, How on the Earth Can You Get These 50 Credits?

As we mentioned before, Trafficsworm users get credits by surfing other users Ads.

To make it easy for you, look at the above picture and you will see "Surf All Ad" button. When you click that,, you will be converted to a page full of ads like this one.

free traffic

Now, when you click on any of these Ads, you will be directed to another page that you have to keep for just 20 minutes and you will get your credits.

Getting 50 credits is not hard at all, you don't have to click whole 50 ads to get them. lots of ads worth more than one credit. So, the whole process will not consume more than 15 minutes tops.

When you are done "activating" your Trafficswarm account, you will be able to create up to 10 ads that will generate lots of traffic for your website or blog.

You can also get access to more tools and offers by acquiring more credits. 

With Trafficswarm, you can refer your friends and site users to earn more credits if you need them.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful to start having lots of traffic to boost your careers online.

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